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Oh & chairs were Broken that night💀🙈 OK , enough reminiscing. This July shall Be round 2😂🙃 #NANAS💯
19th January, 2017
Omg😩😭💛🖤 Good luck to my Babies !!! Lana, Tris, April Baby, Pona, Sita, & whoever I missed 😭 Go get em seniors👏…
11th January, 2017
Man, we stay Losing close games 😩😭😭Must Be free throws & Lay ups 🤔 Right Back Boys 💛🖤 #NANAS💯
11th January, 2017
Fai : BREAK DOWN ... Anton : HAAAA! Everyone started laughing * 😂😂😂💀 omg, miss the Bros😭💛🖤 #NANAS💯
11th January, 2017