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@JadeMarie_94 @jk_rowling Saw it last night and the best thing was #nagini the snake/woman which proved I know shit…
13th December, 2018
Please note that I’m writing from a very specific Asian experience (a Thai/Chinese woman who grew up in Thailand).…
12th December, 2018
Here are some pics of the Southeast Asian mythical characters I mentioned: the Nagi (half-woman, half-snake), the K…
12th December, 2018
Beyond proud to say that my words are now in @BlackGirlNerds! Here’s me on #Nagini, Southeast Asian mythical creatu…
12th December, 2018
Nagin 3 upcoming December story Mahir reality!! Purple nagin!! Watch 👇👇 #Naagin #nagin3
12th December, 2018
Our episode is out! Listen and let us know what you think. Like, share and subscribe. #FantasticBeasts
11th December, 2018