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And they ask you (O Muhammad ﷺ) concerning the Ruh (the Spirit); Say: "The Ruh (the Spirit): it is one of the thing…
18th December, 2018
"Be Straight In The Prostrations And None Of You Should Put His Forearms On The Ground (In Prostration) Like A Dog.…
17th December, 2018
@SeifGebre @Ethiopia_Abebe U dono nothing about mustafa omer and how do u blame mustafa while I have evidence that…
16th December, 2018
"And the life of this World is nothing but amusement and distraction." [The Glorious Quran | Surah Al-An'am | 6:32…
16th December, 2018
Now Playing Worthy & Fort Knox Five, Mustafa - Keep It Poppin (Worthy Remix) #worthy&fortknoxfive, #mustafa
16th December, 2018
"Our LORD Pour Upon Us Patience And Let Us Die As Muslims." [The Glorious Quran | 7:126] #Mustafa
15th December, 2018
BCF outreach in Europe continues, last 5 days, Zurich, Barcelona, paris 2day Geneve & 2moro Frankfurt. Great 2 hv o…
15th December, 2018
"And ALLAH found you lost, and guided you." [The Glorious Quran | 93:7] #Mustafa
14th December, 2018