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If you can listen to #MovingParts and say it didn't change your life, you are either a liar or had no life to begin with. Don't @me
20th February, 2018
@FanSupercross I like the working hoods in the second! I'm a sucker for more #movingparts in hot wheels. 😎😎
19th February, 2018
@trixiemattel please tell me you're doing a North American Tour of Moving Parts!!!! I MUST see you!!! ❤️🎀🍯 #movingparts #trixiemattel
19th February, 2018
Ugh! Listening to @trixiemattel singing #movingparts on her #twobirds album makes me want to cry! Such a great voic…
19th February, 2018
My songs be ready .. it’s the other ppl necessary along w/ money that drag the process.. #movingparts
18th February, 2018
@trixiemattel 🎶Pick up all the pieces and go back to the start🎶 Don't forget all your major successes! You're on t…
16th February, 2018
"Living's supposed to kill you, but it shouldn't feel like dying" - wise words from @trixiemattel #MovingParts
15th February, 2018