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That moment you actually cry because your class proves that hard work really does pay off. #imsoproudofthem
26th May, 2018
#FollowFriday shoutout to @PatrickNJinks! Been in a strategy and operations deep dive for the last few days. So man…
25th May, 2018
Woohoo! Huge congratulations to our fantastic @MetroPCS San Francisco Sales team for being #1 in the company for 20…
23rd May, 2018
This is what happens when we’re asked to film a video tag 😂 Thank you @IndieMusicTV for putting up with us & our r…
23rd May, 2018
MOVING MOUNTAINS WITH TASTY LEVANTINE CUISINE ⛰🙌 #taouk salad with tasty cubes of marinated grilled #chicken
23rd May, 2018
My expansion and growth is God's plan #movingmountains blessed.
23rd May, 2018
I LIKE TO TYPE IN ALL CAPS. The eleventh regularly scheduled episode of #Season5 of the…
22nd May, 2018