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13th December, 2017
"Port Authority Bomber Inspired by ISIS Christmas Attacks," the top story in today's @TheSoufanGroup #MorningBrief
12th December, 2017
In today's #MorningBrief rocket attacks from #Gaza continue, #Netanyahu at the EU and #Putin announces some Russian…
12th December, 2017
"Putin Orders Russian Troops to Start Pulling Out of Syria," the top story in today's @TheSoufanGroup #MorningBrief
11th December, 2017
"Trump’s Recognition of #Jerusalem as Israel’s Capital Draws Heavy Criticism," the top story in today's…
7th December, 2017
In today's #MorningBrief #Trump declares #Jerusalem as Israel's capital, Israel and world respond to announcement a…
7th December, 2017
"Despite Warnings, Trump to Recognize Jerusalem as Israel's Capital," the top story in today's @TheSoufanGroup
6th December, 2017
"Supreme Court Allows Travel Ban to Take Effect," the top story in today's @TheSoufanGroup #MorningBrief
5th December, 2017
"Trump Approves National Security Strategy," the top story in today's @TheSoufanGroup #MorningBrief
4th December, 2017