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Our struggles make us stronger - if we let them. Mojave Desert hike - September 19, 2018 #mojavedesert #desert
16th October, 2018
You know when you haven’t boned in so long you start feeling like a virgin again? Yeah. Same. #mojaveDesert
15th October, 2018
Via Drug Machines Podcast: Live in the Mojave desert we meet @redblueblacksilver to talk desert life, #ufo, conspir…
14th October, 2018
IT Raining so hard, and has been for the last few hours, Its a huge treat to have the weather....See most of you do…
13th October, 2018
Alien & UFO fun, we live in a circle of desert so strange if you like to read learn and have an open mind here you…
13th October, 2018
Who needs a filter when the sky looks like this? (Breaking my media fast so I can keep this photo!) #nofilter
13th October, 2018