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Silver Surfer inspired by Moebius and Allred. Two of my favourite runs on any comic ever. #inktober2018 #inktober
15th October, 2018
DAY 12 @inktober WHALE Gawk in awe at the Moebius inspired Leviathan hovering overhead. @martian_lizard @Comichaus
13th October, 2018
#inktober theme is shattered? Continuing my set of #moebius inspired comics but as if he had been allowed to draw c…
13th October, 2018
Two of my favorite things, #Moebius and #Galactus How quickly we would forget our pety differences if this big boy…
13th October, 2018
@WoodstockPro @steam_games Thank you @WoodstockPro! that's what we wanted - the line drawn look after the great illustrator #Moebius
11th October, 2018