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@LyricalBrock come spring time, once I get the garden going, I’m going to put your tulips and mine together #day81 #modestmouse
16th January, 2019
@LyricalBrock wanna play Barbie ? You can be Ken and I’ll be the box you come in 😋 #day80 #modestmouse
15th January, 2019
@LyricalBrock there seems to be something wrong with my phone. Call it and see if it rings ? 😉 #day79 #modestmouse
14th January, 2019
The redeeming quality of #FriendsFromCollege is being transported back to dorm rooms and happy memories through the…
14th January, 2019
And I guess that’s what it takes, when comparing your bellyaches...and I guess that I miss , and I’m sorry if I dis…
13th January, 2019
@LyricalBrock babe are you a keyboard? Cuz you are my type 😎 #day78 #modestmouse
13th January, 2019
@LyricalBrock hold on babe, I need my glasses cuz you are FINE print 😉 #day77 #modestmouse
12th January, 2019