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80s CHRISTMAS AD of the Day: Muppets Polaroid Camera & Film Check out THE BIGGEST 1980s Website in the History of…
16th December, 2018
If there was any question whether "Baby, It's Cold Outside" is cool, play around with this, via @delucadan
15th December, 2018
Lovely time. And luckily my client said it was a lovely surprise to see me..Phew! The food “what I ate”... Roast…
14th December, 2018
@RealJamesWoods Don't fluster #misspiggy that would be the least of your troubles.
14th December, 2018
@JadeChynoweth You shouldn't post on instagram with you and Iman in the same frame. Her womanly slender body makes…
14th December, 2018
When and why did the Baby Muppets grow up to take off their clothes? #MuppetBabies #Kermit #misspiggy
14th December, 2018
@ananavarro I like Sebastian Gorkas idea.. pardon Mike Flynn and appoint him to chief of staff! #whatawitchhunt #misspiggy
13th December, 2018