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#Pigs have ability to bond and need attention. People who have limited time for a pet may find a #minipig far more than they can handle.
21st July, 2017
Pigs can be pets! City of Euless: Keep #minipig with owner & safe! Euless, TX - Sign the Petition! via @Change
21st July, 2017
We are proud to announce the birth of Seymour Squiggles 🐷 He is a great addition to the #farm. #minipig #FarmLife
21st July, 2017
Learn everything about purchasing, housing, bonding, feeding, breeding and living with your #minipig
21st July, 2017
I think I need a #MiniPig. What is staying true to your rural upbringing more than owning a mini pig in the city?
20th July, 2017
The Biosphere is a museum in Montreal dedicated to the environment🌐*talking with stuffed grass in my mouth🐷🌿*…
19th July, 2017