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I aint paying 10$ coat check for a 5$ coat #mindyproject I DIE. The Mindy Project is my favourite
17th August, 2018
I somehow just found out about (and bingewatched all 117 episodes) of the Mindy Project. I love the whole show, the…
16th August, 2018
@mindykaling can we trade champions back for #MindyProject, champions is a total k/o
15th August, 2018
LOL “I... may have massaged his jeans” “Was he in the jeans?” #mindyproject
13th August, 2018
@mindykaling Why does your character in your tv show suck so much. She’s a whore and a terrible person. #season3 #mindyproject
13th August, 2018
“You called me an old shoe and you’re basically James Caan at the Playboy Mansion” #mindyproject
9th August, 2018