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With that, I agree! [Grins] #Meredith already paid a visit ta #Kat. Things didn't go so well. XD
22nd January, 2019
This season of #GreysAnatomy looks great!! Please let #Meredith and #DeLuca get together and stay together!! She's…
22nd January, 2019
Ink met paper, one thing led to another, and soon, the twain spun a novel of epic proportions; one that would not o…
21st January, 2019
@GreysABC was so hot tonight! Now to find me a guy that looks at me the way #deluca @GiacomoKG looks at #Meredith
20th January, 2019
Interested in a job in #Meredith, NH? This could be a great fit:
19th January, 2019


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