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Anyway, here's a drawing of Melisandre and Arya✨✨✨ hope you like it! . "What do we say to the God of Death?" "Not t…
13th September, 2019
Because formal night wouldn’t be complete without a mild cosplay nod 😽 of course, if I take the necklace off now wh…
9th September, 2019
The first photo Melisandre from photoshoot with karrathetrashpanda Support me on
9th September, 2019
These ladies did a great job with their #cerseilannister and #melisandre cosplays! We had a lovely time chatting, a…
9th September, 2019
R’hllor was a jealous deity, ever hungry. So the new god devoured the corpse of the old, and cast gigantic shadows…
8th September, 2019
Hey guys here is my #artvsartist from this year, i did draw more in the latest months. #illustration #cartoon
7th September, 2019