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Register here: This seminar has been approved 4 SHRM General HRCI credit. #HRTakenReboot
22nd January, 2017
@exiledlanc @richsharpe89 Hope #Rovers to be bought by #McNair Think club raped & pillaged - needs deep cleanse from top to bottom.
19th January, 2017
Super proud of my #McNair mentee and our Women's Studies major, Polet Campos-Melchor (@diegolunaismybf )!!
18th January, 2017
No surprises here. I suggest expansion of #McNair Scholars "Study shows wealth gap among graduate students"
17th January, 2017
@SeanTPendergast @McClain_on_NFL Right! HC won't go but this reeks of yrs of Texans. It's always a process vs upgrading. #ricksmith #McNair
15th January, 2017