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#WallStreet acknowledges consumer confidence since #Trump been elected, #MayordeBlasio just thinks of the negitive.…
17th January, 2017
OH look the crook of #MayorDeBlasio .@MayorDeblasio to join the liberal protesters!! you can't make this shit up!!
17th January, 2017
#MayorDeBlasio #AlSharpton & #AlecBaldwin.. the motley clowns protesting our next President.. Worst Mayor in NYC modern history.
15th January, 2017
while we're on politics #MayorDeBlasio GOT TO GO!!! i can't stand this guy & neither can New York & it's PD.. put on your tims & leave fam!🗽
11th January, 2017
Once again #MTA making everyone late for work. Thank you #MayorDeblasio for raising the fare in this coming March. You are the worst mayor!
9th January, 2017
@MichReneeMed #MayorDeblasio set a new standard for low. Now this? Wth are they thinking? #NYCwakeup
9th January, 2017