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@misterarnie But I haven't had a chance to submit my new character Nonka Nonnical! #MarySue
26th April, 2017
@ChelseaClinton Why do you assume the Earth wants to be pristine and pure, like some #marysue? Maybe the Earth wants to party! 🤘woohoo!
22nd April, 2017
@EvrLvnBluIdThng To be fair, that scene is why I and many other fans despise the character. #MarySue
21st April, 2017
When #MarySue Goes Wrong: Research Suggests New #StarWars Films Give Girls Inferiority Complex #TheLastJedi
20th April, 2017
#ThingsOnlyWomenWritersHear "A female protagonist? So she's you/your #marysue." Sure boys, all women are the same person. /sarcasm 😒
20th April, 2017
Surprising what happens when you try to defy biology and write 'flawless' characters with no story arc and inexplic…
18th April, 2017