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#Steelers fans wanting to fire #Tomlin as ridic as a #Bengals fan wanting to keep #MarvinLewis Trade you Lewis for…
17th January, 2018
kudos skip! saw @undisputed today & thoughr I heard an echo. MT is a nice guy, but it is long past time to let him…
16th January, 2018
@Bengals Did you know that Mike Zimmer has more playoff victories 1-1, 3 yrs than #MarvinLewis 0-7, 15 yes?
15th January, 2018
Marvin Lewis lands new job as the referee in 80s movie “Bloodsport”. @espn @Bengals #marvinlewis #news
15th January, 2018
Text to #MarvinLewis from taught me so much while I was @Bengals would you like to know how to win a #NFLPlayoff game?
15th January, 2018
With the @Vikings win, the #MarvinLewis coaching tree just got its first postseason win and is now 1-9. Mike Zimmer…
15th January, 2018
If Tomlin would have just kicked it off LOL - he pulled a #MarvinLewis
14th January, 2018