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I laugh out loud everytime I hear @stephenasmith going off about #MarvinLewis being the head coach of the @Bengals
19th September, 2018
The @Bengals head coach #MarvinLewis earned his 127th career win on Thursday surpassing #DickVermeil and tying…
17th September, 2018
Sounds like a project for the best coach in the league. #MarvinLewis 🤷🏾‍♂️
16th September, 2018
@stephenasmith are you ready to take back every negative thing you ever said about #MarvinLewis and the @Bengals ? 🤷🏽‍♂️
14th September, 2018
Always an asshole hell bent on ruining a good night. Regardless of how anyone feels about #MarvinLewis he's 2-0. Wh…
14th September, 2018