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My Wednesday evening movie to kick off the first day of Summer 2017. #MarsAttacks ⭐🎬📀📺
22nd June, 2017
MARTIAN: for dark is the suede that mows like a harvest. #MarsAttacks!
21st June, 2017
After a number of complaints about my previous beer of choice I am going for Gamma Ray next! Ack ack ack!…
20th June, 2017
There was just an overhead announcement at the West 4th stop. Sounded like a slightly less menacing Martian from #MarsAttacks. #ThanksMTA
20th June, 2017
#MarsAttacks [Starter for @EmeraldDeity] In the skies of Coast City, a comet with a green tail soars freely. In fact there were two. --
20th June, 2017