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#Maven might have been crazier in the house but #Marlena, and especially their fans take the prize on social media.…
23rd February, 2018
To the people claiming #Jody gave away the fact that they won #TAR by flying around the country, not working, & buy…
22nd February, 2018
We can be wild. We can be free. We can be anything in life we wanna be. #marlena #KristenDimera
22nd February, 2018
You and @realmarkjansen are first in are hearts more wonderful things are coming your way also this is just the beg…
22nd February, 2018
@RashemaJ Lol! Literally just searched it! 😂😂 You know I'm only here for the #Marlena gifs! 😉
22nd February, 2018
Who’s quads are bigger @realmarkjansen or a whales? Take a trip to Raleigh North Carolina with Mark and…
21st February, 2018