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@danidONAT0 Not #Marlena but Fessy & Haleigh’s showmance does remind me of one from #BB16... #BB20
17th August, 2018
Join 5 people right now at "Outfit | Elizabeth Suzann X Alabama Chanin Organic Cotton Marlena Dress" #cheers
16th August, 2018
..Dalla nostra Queen del rock alla Regina del pop...Happy Bday @Madonna♥️👑 "You're a superstar,yes, that's what you…
16th August, 2018
Don’t you mean they sent you money and joined your fitness plan supporting both of you so that’s why you grew close…
15th August, 2018
So Reddit calling out Elena for being on Bumble while saying she’s still with Mark. Hmmmmm trying to keep her showm…
15th August, 2018
Marlena is having the most wonderful causal conversation with her sons. I’ve been waiting years for this #Days #Marlena
14th August, 2018