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Seriously. That smile. 😍 ❤️ She is a Light in this dark world. #mariska #MariskaHargitay #youngmariska #younger
24th March, 2018
Watching Law and Order Special Victims Unit all over again it’s been 4 days and I’m in 3 season I watch it all the…
23rd March, 2018
@nbcsvu @nbc Such a wait... Lucky for my addiction I can watch the marathon on USA on Tues and another marathon on…
23rd March, 2018
“Life is not always easy,so God created true friends,warrior angels who fight with us and help us to overcome any m…
23rd March, 2018
Good old days with ER and #anthonyedwards. You guys were good together! #mariska hargitay
22nd March, 2018
Seeing #Mariska today in the #Gymyard .She is the fittest member in @virginactiveSA #Montana and in Gauteng provinc…
21st March, 2018
I have no words to describe this picture,Beautiful family,I am crying with emotion ... May God always bless…
19th March, 2018
One of the most courage inspiring women on the screen and off #OliviaBenson #mariska @Mariska
18th March, 2018
Grazie @Mariska ❤️ Thank you for your Olivia, Thank you for “it’s not your fault”, Thank you for your hands in hand…
16th March, 2018