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#MariaSharapova Dear @MariaSharapova wishing you very speedy recovery, let optimism and support of close people wil…
20th March, 2018
@MariaSharapova sure, Maria, no one can't deny you're a strong and a powerful woman! 😳😲😩 #MariaSharapova
20th March, 2018
Without my #meldonium I don’t recover as well & it is very difficult to play 2 tourneys in a row - #MariaSharapova voice
20th March, 2018
8 Female Athletes Who Were Surprisingly Juicing And 7 Who Were Obvious #doping #Olympics
19th March, 2018
#MariaSharapova goodgirlshedidntdopeitsalldonetoreduceherfamelookatherdoesshelooklikeone
18th March, 2018