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A case of false witness testimony strikingly similar to how #Missouri came within 4.5 hrs of executing…
22nd September, 2017
We stopped the execution of #MarcellusWilliams, but he's still on death row. You can help commute his death sentence
20th September, 2017
I feel proud that I signed the #marcelluswilliams petition a couple weeks ago. The Gov. appointed a board to review his case. Get invovled
19th September, 2017
@aclu_mo Thanks for getting my case against @UCityPolice filed. Hope to hear from you, soon. #MarcellusWilliams
19th September, 2017
i'm so unbelievably happy for this man. i hope #MarcellusWilliams receives the same eventual justice in his case.
17th September, 2017
#Missouri: Missouri governor appoints former judges in St. Louis County death penalty case #MarcellusWilliams
15th September, 2017
#Missouri governor has named 5 retired judges to panel to look into #MarcellusWilliams case and his innocence claim.
15th September, 2017