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#Pelosi should agree to impeach after Mitt #Romney sends her the signatures of what, twenty?, Republican Senators,…
21st April, 2019
@Ruldar @OurRev305 @theintercept @lhfang Wow. Way to parrot an obama-ism. It's not a circular firing squad. Many pe…
20th April, 2019
#Barr should be no surprise-his audacity is not new-from #HWBush to date. He is a partisan player, which was obviou…
18th April, 2019
@TomPerez Q is traitor #Manchin endorsing despicable McConnell too like he’s doing for Susan Collins?!! @SenSchumer
18th April, 2019
@dscc motion kick #Manchin out of Democratic Party. He hurts @SenateDems: votes for Trump policies & judges. He’s a…
18th April, 2019
WTF! WTF! WTF! We have a strong potential candidate there in Susan Rice and Manchin's endorsing Spineless Susan?…
15th April, 2019
#Dem Endorses Pro-Kavanaugh Senator Surprising!#Senator Joe Manchin Endorses GOP Senator.#Manchin in a great man an…
13th April, 2019
If a Democrat can’t beat #Manchin in the primary; we need a Republican in West Virginia to beat Manchin. #DINO
12th April, 2019
#Manchin Breaks Partisan Divide, Endorses Collins for Re-Election Reagan McCarthy
12th April, 2019