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Google made an AR microscope that can help detect cancer In a talk given today at the Amer…
19th April, 2018
Join Sarah Hatter and I for our next webinar "How AI Can Give Your Support Team White Gloves, Not Pink Slips," on 4…
18th April, 2018
""Computers are good at following instructions, but not at reading your mind." - Donald Knuth" #programming
18th April, 2018
#Yssterday night was am very Happy Happy My team is winners so bowling unit & #Machin @Mujeeb_Zadran is wonderful b…
16th April, 2018
The technology powering smart societies #Machin "Smart society" is a concept ... AInomics…
16th April, 2018
@SkyNews That looks like the #Machin Queens head on a stamp..
10th April, 2018