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#MacGruber can and will always make me constantly laugh so hard i injure myself. watch it tonight with someone you…
16th January, 2019
Who’d think the majority of the @Grubes69 soundtrack could be found on one delightful Spotify playlist? #MacGruber
16th January, 2019
I need time to digest that. I’ll review it tomorrow. I’ve no idea what I just saw #MacGruber
13th January, 2019
The guys at @MadAboutMovies ask every new guest if they’ve seen #MacGruber. I’ve been listening for a few years. To…
12th January, 2019
Is it bad that I own #MacGruber on dvd, but have to watch it when it’s on tv? @OrvilleIV
12th January, 2019
Tried to #MacGyver the broken lock but instead you #MacGruber'ed it? Call The Lockshop.
9th January, 2019