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How does one simply wake up in the morning, without hitting the snooze 💯 times? #letmesleep #itsfriday #luciddreams
9th December, 2016
Beware of false knowledge; it is more dangerous than ignorance. - Bernard Shaw #luciddreams
8th December, 2016
What if sleeping is our natural state, and we're only awake to gather information for dreams. #LucidDreams #showerthoughts
7th December, 2016
Damn.. Feels hella good to know dat Feelin myself and Juice are out dah studio. S/O to @DirtySpade26 fo makin it happen #luciddreams #juice
7th December, 2016
I had a terrible dream and because of how terrible it was I became lucid in it. #luciddreams
5th December, 2016