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Thanks for having me @cassandramparks ❤️ & Congrats on your 1st Let’s Learn Love panel 🙌🏽 #atlanta
10th November, 2018
Reignite the fire in the bedroom after having a baby! Read our tips here ❣️ #loveandrelationships #intimacy
9th November, 2018
When arguments arise in relationships, we can say things that do irreversible damage. Read more here:…
9th November, 2018
This #quote is from my book The Love Mindset. Start reading it at or get your copy on Amazo…
9th November, 2018
It sucks to have to teach people basic skills their parents should have taught them. 🙄🙄 #deepthoughts💭 #deep3r
8th November, 2018
Love is the greatest healer. Have you heard this expression before? Have you experienced this to be true? Read our…
5th November, 2018