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"The Massive Muscular Development of Lou Ferrigno - The Incredible Hulk" #IncredibleHulk #Hulk #LouFerrigno
22nd October, 2018
Highlight from today’s Campbell Con panels, interviewing Lou Ferrigno! He was just as awesome as you’d expect him t…
21st October, 2018
Still working on it but here is a Hulk throwback sketch cover. Where is all started. #louferrigno
18th October, 2018
Did a @LouFerrigno #sketchcard this morning for a commission... I've gotta post more... lol. Have a great day peopl…
17th October, 2018
@Super70sSports Why does Pete look like 70's Hulk without the green? #LouFerrigno
17th October, 2018