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I was interviewed by @scottlmessenger (one of my fav writers) for this article in Eighteen Bridges magazine about t…
16th October, 2018
👀 Look Ma I made it! 👀 I’m a featured artist at Pow! Con in Brooklyn coming up in January!!#semifamous #lookma
12th October, 2018
Had to breakup a fight on the train today. But I didnt have to get my hands dirty.. #lookma #noHands
12th October, 2018
Soooo what does it mean when they start making gifs of you?? 🤣🤩😩 #lookma #madebygoogle 😂 #teacherlyfe
10th October, 2018
You want to know what’s more embarrassing than taking a selfie of you squishing your own head on a bus? Having view…
9th October, 2018