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=Let's Rock= Longing, Album Unfinished Fight 2. ZBEAR on Google #Longing #farewell #while #she
23rd February, 2018
Some people have ot better than you,some people have it worse, bit yet we still chase after things other people hav…
22nd February, 2018
I miss the feeling of butterflies invading my tummy #Longing
22nd February, 2018
"They burned a bridge and ask me why I don't visit..." --Ugo #photography #beauty #longing
22nd February, 2018
Feeling alone amidst company, I long to be lonely again. Buy this painting at #artzolo
22nd February, 2018
I want to do so many things that i achieve nothing. Quiero hacer tantas cosas que no alcanzo a hacer nada.…
22nd February, 2018 I'm streaming instrumental piano music from Frozen Silence for some time, tune in!…
21st February, 2018