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@LoganDodson @100Thieves @100TAlpaca You know why he’s looking away? Cause cool guys don’t look at explosions. #LonelyIsland
15th December, 2018
Today, I paid my phone bill as soon as I got it instead of putting it off till they disconnect my outgoing calls. I…
14th December, 2018
🤣🌱 If it was only you and a pig alone on an island would you eat it, as a vegan?... . . ☺👊 #repost Click link In B…
12th December, 2018
Watching it over a 100th time but still can't control my laugh 😂😂😂😂😂😂 #happymothersday #mothersday #motherlover
12th December, 2018
Hey gurl I got a present for you that you've wanted for a long long time yeah gurl it's my......fudge in a box!!…
10th December, 2018
We're on a boat and it's goin' fast and I got a Shinra themed sailor suit. We go #undercover. #LonelyIsland
10th December, 2018