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Country rooooads Take me hoooome To the plaaaaaace I beloooong West Virginiaaaaa Mountain mamaaaa Take me hooo…
16th August, 2018
the accent work is causing me a lot of struggle, but Adam Driver is mesmerizing and I ❤️ Sodes, so... we press on. #LoganLucky
15th August, 2018
Co-signed until I saw him throw a Molotov cocktail in #loganlucky and then it was like YES PLZ
14th August, 2018
#NowWatching #LoganLucky further proof that Adam Driver only appears in fun films. It’s science
9th August, 2018
#LoganLucky is a very nice and very entertaining movie. Soderbergh is just one of those guys who know how to make a movie 👌
8th August, 2018
Finally watching #LoganLucky. Whoever did the costumes/looks for it ... #nailedit
8th August, 2018