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@vickiwinget16 Julian is on the payroll. He's never, ever given one truthful word to the world about 9/11. #LitmusTest
21st March, 2018
@davidallengreen Will the people of Boston Lincolnshire be happy? #LitmusTest...😏
19th March, 2018
If it's important to YOU , you will find a way. If it's not YOU will find an excuse. #LitmusTest
18th March, 2018
The fact that Steven Pinker believes in AGW is enough of a reality check to make me view his work with a sceptical eye. #litmusTest
16th March, 2018
When it is "Eyeball to eyeball"...who will blink this time? Trump can't even focus that long. Pay attention. This w…
14th March, 2018