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Check out Vintage Lisa Frank Gray Makeup Case Wallet Pouch Coin Purse Zip Up #LisaFrank via @eBay
15th January, 2018
So, look.. I have many tastes I love vibrant colors🌈 Cute animals🐯 & Cute people🤵🏻 There’s no real theme here🤷‍♀️…
15th January, 2018
The awkward moment when your shirt matches a dollar tree puzzle. #lisafrank
15th January, 2018
Check out Vintage Lisa Frank notepads, stickers and more #LisaFrank via @eBay
15th January, 2018
Added a bunch of 90s pop songs to my really gay Spotify playlist, while wearing my #LisaFrank long-sleeved shirt I…
14th January, 2018
Lisa Frank Inspired unicorn, cake, cupcakes, cake pops and Oreos for a very special little girl❤ #lisafrank
13th January, 2018