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@SoMuchBloodJoe Maybe we’re fighting because you gave us beer. 🤔 😁 #LiquidCourage
20th May, 2019
@LouisDeeCruz Henny Be giving ya alil too much dip on ya chip #liquidcourage
18th May, 2019
#fbf The song that launched my obsession with #smule #karaoke 🤣 #aliciakeys #ifiaintgotyou Will someone please tak…
18th May, 2019
When you haven’t cut your hair in 20 years you need some #liquidcourage 😂😂🎈😂😂 @changesnysalon kelli.obrien.9809…
16th May, 2019
Idc what anyone says and you can call me out on it but, alcohol makes you do the things you wish you did when you were sober #liquidcourage
12th May, 2019
I just bought WiFi on the cruise for 30$ for the next 24hrs...the hubs is gonna kill me! 😆😆 #liquidcourage
12th May, 2019