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(@monicabyrne13) I also really related this piece by #LindyWest from awhile ago: "Brave Enough to Be Angry."
24th February, 2018
“We are all building our world, right now, in real time. Let’s build it better.” #LindyWest
21st February, 2018
#LindyWest deactivated her Twitter account. I thought it seemed less smug and sexist on here.
19th February, 2018
The #Trump administration campaigned on a promised return to American "greatness" when white men ruled unfettered a…
16th February, 2018
“What a luxurious degree of compartmentalization we afford white men...” #lindywest writing truth as well as I ever…
15th February, 2018
After a glass of house red at our local & take-out kebab in honour of #StValentine, it’s time to retire to bed (and…
15th February, 2018
“But it is a privilege, not a burden to get to witness and participate in this conversation, to build better instit…
14th February, 2018