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Zeus is now thirty months old and a lean approximate 600 pounds of muscle and beauty 💙🐾 #liger #zwfmiami #zwf
23rd May, 2019
What a day full of adventure for our 2nd through 5th graders! Yesterday afternoon they got to take part in the Fiel…
21st May, 2019
Our morning was a fun filled one! Prek-4 through 1st grade had their Field Day! What an adventure it was. #Ligers
20th May, 2019
New ref sheet for new sona! I really like him and think he’s awesome. Credit to searawolfie on Instagram for the ba…
20th May, 2019
Happy #FursuitFriday !!! Nickel came out to say hey and look at their PAWS by @PinkuShikaArt Head is by soft_heave…
18th May, 2019
Sylvie is a riot. Before this she ran into the kitchen carrying them and yelling, "Liger! Liger! Liger!"…
17th May, 2019


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