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Just read about #LePage's budget. If you make over 200k you'll save thousands, if you make 9bucks p/hr you'll save 10 bucks that year. #dink
15th January, 2017
Poor widdle #LePage needs a safe space. That special snowflake is SO fragile.
12th January, 2017
A trimmed-down Maine Gov #LePage had bariatric surgery: “There’s 50 pounds less of me to hate.” @stevecollinsSJ
11th January, 2017
#LePage "stripping resources from ME students, ME families, and ME communities" to cut taxes for wealthy #mepolitics
10th January, 2017
Analysis by @MECEP1 of #LePage #budget: $23k tax cut to top 1% "stark contrast" to #MEfamily priorities #mepolitics
10th January, 2017