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President Business..... My God #LEGOMovie predicated the future and tried to warn us! Why didn't we listen!?
30th May, 2017
#LEGOMovie is on @cartoonnetwork right now, if that doesn't cheer you up at least a bit, well than I have no idea w…
29th May, 2017
New Game Started: #LegoMovie (XONE)! Been on a LEGO binge as of late, loved the movie as well so giving it a shit […
29th May, 2017
Just watched the #legomovie inspiring And cute haha:)
29th May, 2017
I'm late to the game, I know. But can we talk about the #legomovie!!! I never expected it to be soooo good. Holy sh…
29th May, 2017
Oliver is working on his own brooding death-metal Batman song... #legomovie #darkness
28th May, 2017