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Vienna opposed the holding in Austria events with the participation of Erdogan #Turkey #Erdogan #Kurtz
27th February, 2017
@HowardKurtz @BretBaier #Kurtz became stooge of TRUMP! "Kurtz: Neutralizing press is a central mission of Trump WH" - FOXNEWS
25th February, 2017
@foxnewspolitics #Kurtz: Why report this nonsense? Report on the great thing @realDonaldTrump & Admin are doing!
23rd February, 2017
@sarahlyonsinc Not only have I Googled #RFR, I've consulted it many times. Reading it makes me feel like #Kurtz. "The horror! The horror!"
21st February, 2017
#Kurtz - Full Show - 2-19-17 via @YouTube he should be concentrating on economy? + jobs in months than O in yrs
20th February, 2017