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Soooo. Who do we follow if we stan Idina, Kristin, Shoshana, Stephanie, Megan etc? New to this 🙈 #idinamenzel
22nd June, 2018
Did you catch our full-length trailer for @trialanderror? Shoutout to @EW for the feature! #NBC #TrialAndError
21st June, 2018
She's guilty... of being fabulous. Be sure to check out our new spot for @trialanderror on @nbc! #Trial&Error #NBC
19th June, 2018
#DrillVille had a special guest Thursday as @KChenoweth was on hand for her bobblehead giveaway! Kristin threw out…
15th June, 2018
How exciting would it be I these three got to work together on a show ..imagaine the laughs 😂😂😂😂😂 @EricMcCormack
14th June, 2018