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@KQEDForum @EJDionne BONUS #KQED & #NPR airing AUSTISM pieces on election week, starting w/ "trump mocked a disabled reporter". smh
16th January, 2017
@kairyssdal "Hello, this is marketplace. See you tomorrow, bye." Hahha. Routine on the way home from work. #KQED
15th January, 2017
@RadioMirage @NPRCodeSwitch - Caring about the crime or people living in it. - Care about how they feel when you speak of it. #NPR #KQED
14th January, 2017
Met some great hosts & toured the studio at @KQED Upfront on behalf of @sparkpr last night. #KQED @scottshafer
12th January, 2017
.@lesliesbrocco host of @KQEDcheckplease explains the "Check Please effect" restaurants get from being on the show,…
12th January, 2017
.@scottshafer @KQEDKernan & John Sepulvado explaining how to interview, their favorite interviewees, & more at…
12th January, 2017