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So I, a 37 year old man, picked up #Fortnite for the first time a few days ago, and I didn't enjoy my first game..…
16th October, 2018
#KOTAKU #socialjusticewarriors ITS FAKE FUCKING WRESTLING DIPSHITS @joerogan As WWE ‘Monitors’ The Saudi Arabia Sit…
13th October, 2018
GITA YOU FUCKING IDIOT. You literally made a Non-review about The World Ends With You, constantly comparing it to…
13th October, 2018
Hope everybody Halloween month been good scary and scream good cuz shit has been off the chainsaw massacre 🖤🖤🖤…
11th October, 2018
90% of Kotaku's clicks are basically just hate-readers. #NPCs #Kotaku #NPC
11th October, 2018


for honor deluxe edition