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"The Week In Games: Big Robots and Frostpunks." #TheSwordsofDitto needs to be out like yesterday. #IndieGames
23rd April, 2018
Kratos figurine of the Kotaku collection sucks. Saw already few people returning it to the shop for the poor qualit…
20th April, 2018
If you like graphic art, gaming and preserving the "ancient" art of print media, check out @APWOTmag 😍…
20th April, 2018
Just another reason to head to Japan, as they are getting two Cowboy Bebop Cafes more info on the link below articl…
19th April, 2018
#japanesewhiskey is expensive stuff, which can make enjoying it more difficult. But there are more affordable optio…
19th April, 2018


for honor deluxe edition