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People play with me when they aren’t near me, they don’t play with me when they close to me. #KNOWBETTER
21st October, 2018
How do rude people continue to blow my mind??? At least my sweet, southern Granny taught me to say #BlessYourHeart
20th October, 2018
want to learn about sharks? go to where you can learn about Rob's life mission to save shar…
20th October, 2018
let’s be real, the real reason y’all don’t be tipping is bc y’all broke ass parents didn’t set a good example. #knowbetter #dobetter
19th October, 2018
#TopTip: Stop paying for things you no longer need - like the extra insurance you took out on gadgets you don’t us…
17th October, 2018
"To make mockery of someone else's fall is your own downfall " ~ Louis Farrakhan #sunday #sundaysermon #knowbetter
17th October, 2018