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@JasonAndDeb the first memory I remember @jasondick101x is my Mom taking me to her work so inspiring!!! #klassy
19th July, 2018
@fred_guttenberg They have all the best people in the @NRA . #klassy
18th July, 2018
@MrJonCryer He's just going to gold foil it in his tacky taste #Klassy
17th July, 2018
I am gonna be real sad if my BF goes to get me this beauty from #primeday it is so #klassy
17th July, 2018
@HoarseWisperer Good thing they left room on the top so they can add "f**k" when they find out what a treasonous traitor trump is. #klassy
16th July, 2018
@marijacupcakes @krassenstein @DLoesch Just don't call her #klassy because then she might block you too. 😂
15th July, 2018