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If the machines do rise up to supplant humanity, this is how I wanna go. #kizunaai #キズナアイ
19th January, 2019
My @aichan_nel figure came in! She is the best and you should all watch her! Thank you Ai-chan and @TokyoOtakuMode
18th January, 2019
A fanmade MMD animation of the scene from Anima Yell Episode 6. Note that it's incomplete as there are still frames…
17th January, 2019
Here's the new items on sell starting from today!The most INTELLIGENT youtuber,Kizuna Ai! Starting from today,we ha…
17th January, 2019
Missed Kizuna A.I. last year? Now is your chance to bring her home! Order now at #kizunaAI
17th January, 2019
Fanart of #KizunaAI #キズナアイ ( ;∀;) I've always wanted to draw her,,,
15th January, 2019