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#Khalil Mamoon #hookahs are well known to the hookah world and famous for their #smokability and elegance.…
29th May, 2017
25 more weeks 👶🏽 time moving slow lol I just wanna kiss my baby face already. 😘 #Khalil #KRH 😍👦🏽👶🏽
29th May, 2017
#Khalil: Uniting Kurds' Ranks will not be without International Actor Helping
27th May, 2017
Khalil Mamoon Alam Misr Tri-Metal is an excellent hand crafted piece of shisha art. #khalil
26th May, 2017
Awe mommy gave me a middle name since she didn't give me one at birth. 😊 #Khalil 📝
24th May, 2017
My documentary #KHALIL - the experience being a black baseball player is HERE:
23rd May, 2017