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i love Explorer 1 and now i have a ksp version built during live stream #twitch #gaming #livestreaming
17th August, 2018
I'm kinda surprised the solar panel hasn't blown off yet. #Kerbal (Note: solar panel blew off approximately 2 seco…
12th August, 2018
You have to love a #DeltaIV launch, it's just the most #kerbal of rockets at lift off. Flight is looking good so fa…
12th August, 2018
part 7 of the #kerbal autopilot using #python - this time we land near Kerbal Space Center automatically
10th August, 2018
Advey: I'm coming for you! I even dropped 2 of my engines to get lighter and faster KSC: That's not how it works..…
9th August, 2018