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Can you recommend anyone for this #job? Commentator/Tour Escort - On Call -
21st April, 2018
This #job might be a great fit for you: Commentator/Tour Escort - On Call -
20th April, 2018
Kennedy Space Center was one of my fave days of the holiday!! 🚀👌#NASA #kennedyspacecenter #space
20th April, 2018
So hubling to finally see the Saturn V rocket in person. How crazy big are those engine nozzles?!…
20th April, 2018
Looking at this example of one of the #shuttleAtlantis engine boosters made me realize that I can't wait to build r…
20th April, 2018
"Window of Light" at the Saturn V rocket hangar/hall. An astounding center, amazing stories and information…
19th April, 2018